Saleen S7

2021.09.26 01:54 OpticlickGD Saleen S7

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2021.09.26 01:54 Penrodpooch707 Spotify acting glitchy

Anyone else’s Spotify acting glitchy where it won’t let you skip to the next track even even after a song finishes playing or have a solution to this problem?
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2021.09.26 01:54 kitnutkettles Political science

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2021.09.26 01:54 MasterKushKakashi My best OG Nelk memory

My cousin was in the video when the boys pranked the walmart employees with the blonde rocket, in Brantford, Ontario. I remember him telling me about it before the video was posted and I figured it was a couple squids, intill i watched the video and nearly shit my pants 😂😂
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2021.09.26 01:54 eraseyourmoney Alright boys I just put subs in my car. Yk what that means?

Time to roll down my windows and blast stop breathing through suburban neighborhoods
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2021.09.26 01:54 FodziCz 8bit pioneer animation frames - Walking, Twirl it, Clap, Cup, Idle (looking around). pls dont steal it...

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2021.09.26 01:54 Illustrious_Key_7072 What do you think of the name Ursa?

The name Ursa is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "little female bear". Ursa might be a good choice if you're looking for a bear name for your daughter but want to avoid the She Witch curse placed on Ursula by Disney's The Little Mermaid. Too bad, because Ursula is a classic and lovely name, but Ursa has less baggage.
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2021.09.26 01:54 SkySRV [Repost] [Academic] Tesla, Inc. Marketing Strategy Survey (*NEED 10 RESPONSES PLEASE*)

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2021.09.26 01:54 SuicidalButFunny Why does a girl who has a crush on my just randomly leaves me on seen while snapping and chatting?

She definitely isn't busy and if I double snap she responds the same second, I'm kinda getting tired of it
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2021.09.26 01:54 TroubledMilesAl What produces chills in the body?

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2021.09.26 01:54 The-Midnight-Walker Custom floods?

I'd like to do some flood scenes, but I only have 3 new infection forms. I'd live to get some flood sets, Especially the flood cyclops, or make some of my own. But I have no idea where to get some old flood sets or how to and what materials I need to make the flood.
If you have made some flood or have bought some please share your insight with us.
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2021.09.26 01:54 Pyromania1983 With the Yankees' 5-3 victory over the Red Sox today, pitcher Luis Severino recorded his first victory in over two years!

The last victory before today for Severino was against the Toronto Blue Jays on September 22nd, 2019. After missing all of last year and most of this year, it was a great relief performance for Severino, who tossed shutout 7th and 8th innings to go along with 4 strikeouts. His fastball reached 98 MPH too, showing he has that speed still!
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2021.09.26 01:54 TheDapperNug420 I was bored so I wrote myself a cipher

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2021.09.26 01:54 One-Ad-39 This kinda make sense, doesn't it?

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2021.09.26 01:54 InthePaleMoonlight18 I thought I was going to be physically ill

I don't think I have seen anything quite like this. I thought "Sincerely me" was one of the most bizarre musical numbers ever. I thought the idea of Evan essentially Cold Reading the Murphy's like a cheap psychic was sick. I thought I was going to throw up during "You Will Be Found"
Evan is an exploitative person. I do not think it is realistic for Zoe to credit Evan with giving anything to her family is not true. You are not doing anyone any kind of favor bo intruding and feeding off of their tradgedy
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2021.09.26 01:54 hello-im-cora Os atores no Japão que são contratados pra fingirem serem pessoas reais

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2021.09.26 01:54 Mbaine2U Grandfather’s 38 via his uncle.

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2021.09.26 01:54 Cinematry French protest today against Covid passports.

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2021.09.26 01:54 zuoanqh Can someone help me understand why Meng Wanzhou "admitted illegal conduct" but pleaded not guilty?

I'm not an expert in law, but this whole thing is very counterintuitive.
What exactly did she admit to? How do we know that?
Why is this even a possible thing in the first place? -- If she was against the law, shouldn't the plaintiff persecute her instead of making a deal?
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2021.09.26 01:54 Sokaaaaaaa SARTORIAL PAIN [OC]

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2021.09.26 01:54 ArcTimes Agenda post

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2021.09.26 01:54 imbiss3000 Dropping 400SR into gold. Is this normal?

I've experienced this twice: long losing streak, rapid drop in SR. I once climbed back, now this. Most games feel close to impossible to win. This just doesn't seem right to me.
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2021.09.26 01:54 peakec Request to Crowd Source Stalking Research

I’m hoping to get some help researching scholarly articles on non-DV stalking. My family has been stalked by a husband and wife team for ten years. Collectively between my mom, dad, and myself, we have had 14 protective orders (civil) and/or stay away orders (based on convictions,) granted against the perps over the duration. Our most recent was granted a second extension and is set to expire 11/9.
Nevada statute NRS 200.594 allows for extended orders to be in place for a maximum of two years. They cannot be extended beyond that and require a “new event” for another one. The blessing is that our offenders have learned after four convictions, to not violate during the order. The curse is that it denies us a conventional “new event”, even though the compulsion remains. What they do and are doing, is switch their contact targets, and dance on the fine line of legality. Over the last six months, the husband has emailed the police, DA, Chief Deputy DA, judge, court administration, and a friend of ours every few days or weeks depending on his agitation level. The content of those emails is usually delusions or lies about my family. If it’s not directly about one of us, it is about or to one of our friends they consider our “zombies”. The police, court, and DDA are keenly aware that we are dealing with a mental health issue but obviously can only act in the event of a chargeable offense - and are not fond prosecuting stalking charges.
I am about to prepare our next application and would like to provide the judge scholarly research on why the compulsive emails are a continuation of the stalking behavior and give him grounds to admit them as “new events”. So to be clear, I’m looking for professional articles that explain that stalkers will frequently shift their compulsion to annoying/harassing third parties with false information, when blocked from directly stalking the main target. Other contextual terms: Resentful Stalker, Vindictive Stalker, Vindictive Narcissist. Convictions: Interfering with (aka Violating) a court order, Battery, petty Theft, Harassment. Plea Bargained charges: Assault w/deadly weapon, Violating a stalking/harassment Order.
Any help you all could give would be appreciated because if we don’t get a new order, the daily in-person targeting will start up the next day. Guaranteed 100%. Thank you in advance.
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2021.09.26 01:54 throwmenow999 35 M Canada /USA

What am I here for? A friendship, connection, and companion for daily banter.
Ok so to get the nasty stuff outta the way first, I'm a year out of an abusive relationship so I'd like to take things slow. I'm very rambly with a lot of chatty energy when I get into the flow of it loll. The only 2 topics that I tend to keep off the table are politics and religion, as I have absolutely no interest in them and rarely have anything to contribute to a conversation around them.
I'm an avid watcher of movies (mostly post 1995), and pretty much still stuck in the 90s. However my nerdiness keeps me upto date with the latest tech.
These days I'm slowly working my way to staring a new business venture, so there tends to be a fair bit of downtime. Which I mostly spend tending to my houseplants, or flying drones around the house loll.
I absolutely LOVE cooking so if any of that tickles your fancy.. Feel free to give me a shout..would love to swap recipes and experiment a bit in the kitchen lol.
I also have a beautiful doggo and pics shall be shared upon request.
Chats /dm both work. 25+ please!
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2021.09.26 01:54 joshblair19 Signing up for 3v3 Ice Hockey Intramural, get this error message. Any help?

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