New weapons?

2021.09.26 03:08 Alternative-Heat7390 New weapons?

I havent played the new dlc yet, but are there any new weapons in it?
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2021.09.26 03:08 Food_X What an amazing car, I hope no one in r/playboicarti would make this a fucking meme

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2021.09.26 03:08 ShortOrderBoy What’s to be done with Kaido?

Hi! I haven’t posted a thread here before but I’ve been having on and off convos with my coworkers about what will become of Kaido after Luffy presumably defeats him.
I can’t see Luffy killing him(or if that’s even possible for Luffy to achieve. Defeating is one thing but killing is another)since that’d be out of character for him.
I also don’t know how he’d be imprisoned unless CP-0 takes him into custody? Would he be brought to Impel Down?
Would Momo kill him somehow? Big Mom maybe? I just can’t see Kaido being defeated and that’s that, he’s gotta either be dealt with in some mannetaken out of Wano. I’m curious what this community thinks! 😊
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2021.09.26 03:08 escobart4727 Great garage sale finds today!

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2021.09.26 03:08 juxtaposedvestibule Love seeing my friends have fun

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2021.09.26 03:08 BeanManTheBold Bought this at an antique store, does anyone know where it's from?

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2021.09.26 03:08 Dirtydanskii southern Drip - On God (official music video) shot by ikeytv

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2021.09.26 03:08 jamelstar FINALFUCKINGLY

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2021.09.26 03:08 LordDarious1087 Smoker's Culture Shock (Mexico/USA)

Hey guys, here's a little story of the Culture Shock I got when I moved to the US at 17 years old. I was born in the US but my parents are from Mexico, so when I turned 15 I moved down south. First, I'm going to explain how smoking is in Mexico this was all around 2013-2016 and is still the same. I entered my last year of middle school in Mexico, and I was shocked that everyone of my classmates where smokers. It's a very normal thing and it's actually seen as "weird" if you don't smoke. Anyway, I started smoking at 15 because it was the norm. I actually got caught with cigarettes by my dad and he just laughed and told me, "Oh I see you, little man is grown" and gave the cigarettes back to me. I could be smoking anywhere I wanted and no one batted an eye.
In Mexico, sharing cigarettes is almost second nature. If you want a smoke, you could practically walk up to anyone, and say, "Hey man, mind selling me a cigarette?" And 90% of the time they will give you one and decline the money. It's generally frowned upon to deny someone a cigarette. We have a saying that there's no such thing as "my" cigarettes it's "everyone's" cigarettes. For the most part, if you are in a group of people, asking for a cigarette will get you the response, "Don't ask me for one, just grab one" and most people who buy a pack, generally place them in the middle of a table or in a place everyone can reach for them. For the most part, you don't want to be that guy that doesn't share his cigarettes, that will almost guarantee you won't be invited to hang out again. But you also don't want to be the guy that never buys cigarettes and only takes. There's a fine line between sharing and just hanging around to steal a smoke Everytime (we all know one or two lol) Anyway, I'm trying to set the scene that everyone in Mexico smokes. It's actually very rare to hear the words, "Oh I'm good, I don't smoke."
Buying cigarettes is the easiest thing in the world. Any place that sells things will sell loosie cigarettes. When I was in highschool, there was a shop next to the school that sold cigarettes to all the students. The school tried to stop him but failed. You would go inside and ask for a "Red piece of Gum" and you would get a cigarette back. During lunch there would literally be a huge line of 50 kids waiting to get a cigarette. We would smoke right outside the schools front door and no one would say anything. Imagine a huge line of 30 teenagers lined up against the wall all smoking a cigarette. There was a security guard at the door who would often join us and light one up too. Sometimes he would stop me and would give me a 5 Peso coin and would tell me to bring him back a cig too lol. In my classroom, I can safely say that everyone smoked. And it's no exaggeration. All 30 kids where smokers, the nerds, the jocks, the shy kids all of them. I think there was one kid who didn't smoke because he had asthma but he would be there with us regardless lol. I remember one time, I went to a store next to my house to buy a pack of cigarettes and the only thing the lady told me was, "Next time, don't come in with your school uniform. The Inspectors have been up my ass lately"
So here comes the culture shock part. At 17, I returned to the US because I found a family member who agreed to take me in. Since I am an American, I was itching to go back when I was old enough. Now in the US I had to wait till I was 18 because they did card people and take selling tobacco very seriously. I was aware of this. But regardless, I was shocked how hard it was for me to obtain a cigarette. I was at the skatepark, and saw this guy smoking a cigarette, so I asked him if he could sell me a cigarette. He just looked at me with an annoyed look and said, "How old are you kid?" And demanded to see my ID. I was not used to this at all lol. By the end of the day, I finally found someone to give me a cigarette but insisted that it'll cost me 2 dollars.
I soon turned 18 and immediately went to a gas station to buy a pack of cigs. The guy at the gas station literally questioned me saying stuff like, "Hey, how long have you been smoking? Don't you know this stuff is bad for you. You may be 18 but you're still a child." I was actually very put off. I am not a rude person, but I almost told the clerk to mind his own damn business, and that it wasn't his job to be my father. He actually had this face of worry while handing me the cigs and let out an, "Quit while you can." As soon as I sparked up my first cigarette, I could feel the stares from people all around me, and the judgemental looks. When some of my friends, saw that I had a pack of cigs with me, they all acted like I had drugs or something. When I would go out for a smoke, I would get the , "You smoke?!?!" As if something was wrong with me. It was constant lectures on how smoking is bad for my health, and constantly hearing, "I didn't expect that from you." I had to learn to keep that habit to myself, which I wasn't used to since to me, smoking was the same as going out for a soda. Everywhere I would go, I would hear, "You're cigarette stinks" even though I would be no where near those people, but they would get closer just to tell me that. People fake coughing passing by, even though I would do my best to get out of their way to not disturb them lol. As time passed by, people got used to me smoking, but I did have to adapt a lot. I wasn't used to going to specific areas to just smoke or making sure people didn't see me smoking because they saw it as me offending them. I'm used to it now, but it definitely a huge change that I had to adapt to. Thanks for reading if you did lol
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2021.09.26 03:08 wodgepodge How to get tobacco while in quarantine?

So I am currently in home quarantine for 14 days after being a secondary close contact.
Started running out of tobacco and went to get some delivered from coles but they're not allowed to leave it at my front door without a signature and I'm not allowed to open my door to people.
I understand its not a serious issue and a good reason to cut back for a while at least. But its strange that I can order alcohol from liqourland and there is an option for leaving it at the front door.
Does anyone know why there's this inconsistency? I don't wanna bring it up to them in case they don't deliver my beer.
And how can I get some tobacco delivered without signing for it?
thanks heaps
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2021.09.26 03:08 Time_Rip8184 What a relief

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2021.09.26 03:08 Xanderiscool1044 Head canons for Whitty, Carol, and Fun sized Whitty

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2021.09.26 03:08 MLGderpman How to infinite sex love camellia forever?

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2021.09.26 03:08 onlyqueen_11 [US] [Selling] Mini manga lot (Demon Slayer 1-2, AOT 3, Ajin 3-4)

Selling extras. Thank you in advance for your interest :) Have a good rest of your day.
Timestamp & pics more descriptions of their condition are in the link
shipping via media mail (starts at $3)
Demon Slayer 1-2: $20 shipped G5
AOT: $8 shipped G3
Ajin 3-4: 24 shipped see pics here G4
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2021.09.26 03:08 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-marcello-marchesi-15

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2021.09.26 03:08 ihaveanwordpass Should I get BP?

I don't know whether to save for next BP or get the current one, can you guys help?
View Poll
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2021.09.26 03:08 iDevice_Help Grimes & Elon Musk Break Up After Three Years Together: 'We Are Semi-Separated But Still Love Each Other' - Billboard

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2021.09.26 03:08 SethTheFrank Curse of the god of vengeance?

Do to the randomness of an RP heavy session and my own odd planning, one of my players now owes a duty to Faerun's god of vengeance, Hoar. Essentially Hoar can demand a service of him. The player is a level 9 Ranger (the whole party is level 9). They are currently at Kir Sabal trying to obtain the gift of the 7 winds. They know about Ras Nsi and are on their way to Omu.
What I am hoping for is inspiration for things that the god of vengeance might require. Hoar does want them to succeed against Acererak, so it can definitely relate to the story. At the same time, this should be an onus for them. The player explicitly chose to take on this in exchange for aid.
I was thinking that the god could demand that they find a way to punish Syndra Silvermane (I realize she outmatches them for now) or take down the Sewn Sisters. Maybe they have to bring down the heart of Ubtao? Or perhaps the god wants them to NOT destroy someone. Perhaps they want to keep someone with revenge in their heart alive, such as Ras Nsi?
They have been playing for quite a while so I do want to move them along to Omu.
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2021.09.26 03:08 EdibleClown Finally came up with a good name and ID to go with the WW2 engine drone

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2021.09.26 03:08 xYersinia Is Plume worth it?

US based trans girl here. I was looking at Plume to get my HRT. It's very pricey at $99 a month but it seems like its all online which is great as I do have a lot of social anxiety.
A few quick questions:
What other places have HRT? (Planned parenthood? Do I just talk to my general doctor?) How much does it usually cost through these avenues?
Any tips for me on getting HRT started as soon as possible?
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2021.09.26 03:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 03:08 nobuyuki10 Please help (bought JB PS3 from irl and idk how to go online 4.87)

So I connected to the internet, when I tried to sign up for PSN. it immediately tells me to do a system software update. I was reading and people are saying don't update it cause it'll erase the JB...I'm on CFW I think. How do I go online?
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2021.09.26 03:08 myfakyfake 19 [F4A] Hey I just wanted some new friends for my new snap

Hey y’all! I just got snap again and I wanted some new friends on there.
I honestly love to talk about anything and I’d love to talk to you.
Please reach out and I’ll add you!
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2021.09.26 03:08 KoopaNetwork A Lunchables SpokesPlatypus. PERRY THE LUNCHABLES SPOKESPLATYPUS!

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2021.09.26 03:08 Onyxonxa Round terracotta pot with some tiny ones!

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