2021.09.26 02:49 BoogieSMemes Title

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2021.09.26 02:49 Smb1908 Wouldn’t this be considered 4C right?

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2021.09.26 02:49 FluffyLlamaPants 1224-5133

Feedback in 5 days.
Front loading if you want: Target is a location
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2021.09.26 02:49 puggsincyberspace Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou receives hero’s welcome as she lands in China

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2021.09.26 02:49 cutiexpatootie96 What did you love the most about Hayley Marshall?

View Poll
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2021.09.26 02:49 jbrandt1110 The Order [NA EAST – English - PvX] Dominora Covenant

The Order | Region: NA EAST | Server: Dominora | Faction: Covenant | Discord: Required | Focus: PvX What we have to offer: The company resides in the Dominora (US East) server in which we reside under the Covenant faction. Our goal as a company is to take part in large-scale PvP events as well as any & all PvE activities in order to expand our company across many different disciplines. We want to build a competitive & leading company in the server we settle in with open arms to anyone willing to join us. Our first goal is to increase our numbers in our order to be able to have maximum capacity for sieges and large-scale events for territory control & other activities. We want to be able to create a company that focuses on all aspects of New World & rally to the top with everyone's efforts. Finally, anyone who is looking for a fresh new experience and willing to be a part of a growing community this is a great place to start!
Who to Contact: After joining our Discord, reach out to our Consul Gambit546 for additional information or to talk through some of your expectations with the game so that we may create the best experience for you!
What we are looking for: PvP & PvE focused players | English Speaking | Active players are a MUST | Discord REQUIRED
Company Roles: Governor - Founder & Company Leader Consul of War - Advisor over PvP activities/events Consul of Economics - Advisor over resource management, Trade Skill Masters (TSM) & crafting Consul of Logistics - Advisor over company operations & player support Officer - Group leads for members & recruiting Templar - General player status ════════════════ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Cn5aKAxkaJ ════════════════
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2021.09.26 02:49 Odd-Appearance5649 hi! Can someone PLEASE send me like 2 dollars in BSC to transfer SFM between wallets? I cant buy it in my state and am desperate. Thank you!!

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2021.09.26 02:49 moneyshouters Fintech Events around the World

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2021.09.26 02:49 toastyem which is better for hu tao?

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2021.09.26 02:49 BluBeaSSt Just a little flex

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2021.09.26 02:49 FoltzyBear The Elder Empire by Will Wight free to Audible Members

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this here yet or not. I personally have not listened to these books yet but Will Wight's Cradle is great. So I'm look forward to these listens. This is a 6 book series built out of two Trilogy's. Told with a parallel story between the two.
I'm excited and hope mainly others get to listen to Wight's work as well
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2021.09.26 02:49 Throwaway789601 Should I stick with Caramel highlights?

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2021.09.26 02:49 basketballlamp senior photos

i have senior photos coming up and i wanna do some mac miller inspired ones. any ideas?
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2021.09.26 02:49 plastic-cemeteries if you only knew what we've been up to, i guarantee you'd keep it secret

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2021.09.26 02:49 IllCriticism3614 ➡️ForeverHODL 📈New rebasing token on BSC! Just Launched Today And Holding Very Well! Already has Diamond Hands!

Welcome to ForeverHODL, the upcoming follower of ForeverFomo!
There is an experienced and big dev & community team working on this project. There is very nice things planned along the road.
We have the same mechanic as ForeverFomo in place, which basically means that the total supply will be slowly decreasing over time, to ensure a rising price.
The tax is divided as follows:
Website: Foreverhodl.io
Contract: 0xc4efc0adb3f11cfb76ad4387a4528cac0225d3b2
Tax: 6%
Ecosystem = 1 Liquidity = 2 Marketing = 1 BuyBack = 1
What is ForeverHODL?
ForeverHODL is a rebase token ! Website and a whitepaper on the way, all in preparation for this stealth launch! There is a a team of experienced marketers, shillers, community managers, a strong marketing team, and even a solid diamadon hands already forming in such a short notice!!
What is a rebase?
A price-elastic token, or a rebase token, is one where the project’s total token supply is not fixed, but instead automatically adjusts on a routine basis.
These token supply adjustments, called “rebases,” take place per market demand and are done in such a way that users’ proportional holdings ultimately don’t change and thus aren’t diluted. Rebases are performed per a specific target price, with the idea being that a token’s nominal price will steadily be moved over time toward its target, in our case, toward the price of bitcoin!
Different then just a normal pegged token/stable coin, rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize. Ultimately, rebases are designed to be tradable and potentially extremely profitable.
➡️ Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc4efc0adb3f11cfb76ad4387a4528cac0225d3b2
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc4efc0adb3f11cfb76ad4387a4528cac0225d3b2#readContract
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2021.09.26 02:49 bigloor68 ISO medium or soft pilots will do trades or pay cash. Let me know what you have.

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2021.09.26 02:49 solongsoho How to get rid of Shortcuts notifications

I used to disable Shortcuts notifications in Settings - Screen Time, but they seem to come back every morning with the newest version of iOS 15?
Is there a new method? If not, how do you guys manage this issue?
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2021.09.26 02:49 Porkyisgod Making Wario identical to Fassad

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2021.09.26 02:49 iapprovethiscomment Do tickets get discounted on the day of?

Might be in the city tomorrow and was thinking about catching the game. I see there are tickets left to purchase but some are still fairly pricey (respective of the product). Do they heavily discount tickets for walk in's the day of the game or do they rather the seats go empty?
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2021.09.26 02:49 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 02:49 micah_pup What cypher could it be

I am in a arg and I found a wordsearch but on the top left of it it has abc going to the right and down
What cypher could it be
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2021.09.26 02:49 ZakuPanny Texas & Lappland Chilling by 阿戈魔AGM

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2021.09.26 02:49 leftal0ne Nex - What the community needs

Keeping with lore, keeping PvM community happy, keeping PvP community happy, avoiding power creep and devaluing items. I propose this features of the Nex Update.
- Nex's prison would be attached to GWD however only accessible though a crack in ice in Lvl-55 Wilderness, west of the agility course. - Nex be killable with only ancient magics, and would require you to use all 4 spell types based off the phases (we don't have any other boss that requires just mage to kill) - Nex would be very difficult and intended for groups of 5 or more, and include features like AoE damage, multi target attacks, ability to penetrate your prayers, and one shot mechanics. - Nex would have these unique drops: Crystal of Vigour - Attachment to brimstone ring which gives 10% reduced special attack cost (this would make the ring untradable and upon death the ring and the crystal would turn to dust) Prison Key - An untradable drop which would be able to be used on a chest within Nex's Prison, which would give you 1 random unqiue from GWD (Bandos boots, Armadyl crossbow, Zamorakian spear, Saradomin Hilt, etc) Icy Key - An untradable drop which would be able to be used on a different chest within Nex's Prison, and would aware one of the Zuriel, Morrigan, Vesta or Statius Weapons or Armor. These armors would be degradable after one hour of combat, and the Statius Warhammer would not work against PvM monsters. Bandos/Armadyl Ornament Kits - Attached to sets of Bandos or Armadyl to give it a gold trim. (purely cosmetic)
Scroll of Miasma - Spell scroll which unlocks the ability to use Maisma ancient magic spells (spell affect TBD)
This would be the perfect mix of difficulty and updates.
Being in the wildy, people wouldn't be able to bring all best in slot gear without risking it, which would be a good place for pkers to prowl. And being a difficult boss, with reduced gear, you'd need to team up with people.
The drops aren't too over powered, because it would take so much supplies and time to kill Nex, that the GWD drops wouldn't be devalued, and the Zuriel, Morrigan, Vesta, Statius would be powerful, but degradable, so it would be so costly to use, and have a built in item sink. The other drops are unlocks that don't change the game too much, but have enough use that they'd be sought after.
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2021.09.26 02:49 10votes Health care should be about health, plain and simple, not profit.

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2021.09.26 02:49 _Terumi Does anyone have a pattern for this style of plush? Looking to make some for friends.

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