Jack-o Challenge (she’s a little confused but got the spirit )

2021.09.26 01:44 Laughingbag Jack-o Challenge (she’s a little confused but got the spirit )

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2021.09.26 01:44 pr3ttygvng Nails

What’s the policy on nails? WILL I BE ABLE TO HAVE MY NAILS DONE?
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2021.09.26 01:44 uf0kingdom My Hibiscus finally bloomed! HibisQs Multi-Tropic Yellow "Pineapple Mule"

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2021.09.26 01:44 fartbutt4000 Questions about direct registration?

Hi everyone, I’m an xxxx Canadian ape holding since January... don’t have enough karma to post on the other subs. I’m also as smooth brained as they come and have the attention span of a goldfish. I also know dick all about the stock market and gme is the first stock I ever bought (lol). So naturally I have a few questions about DRS. I’m hoping someone may help me to understand better. Thanks I’m advance! 🐒🍌💛
Okay so I hold my favorite stock in 3 different accounts.

Okay so here are my questions...
Should I register all my shares? I see people registering different %’s of their shares so idk...
If I register my shares from my personal wealth simple and TD accounts will they be combined in to a single account in computer share?
How would that affect my tax free savings account?
Okay thanks! Hope someone can help. Look forward to seeing you all on the moon! 💎🤲🚀🌙
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2021.09.26 01:44 Acceptable-Village88 Anyone else having more bug issues?

Had 8 crashes starting it up.
2 times each match.
This new update supposedly fixed previous crash issues.
Its made my game broken and unplayable.
For a game that cost upwards of 40 dollars this is outrageous.
It seems everytime they update the game it gets buggier.
First the small servers. Now the annoying crashes..
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2021.09.26 01:44 OpticlickGD [Ferrari 488 Pista] at M1 Concourse

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2021.09.26 01:44 OldBobbyBoy Today was this day I watch my first football game with out gambling.

Honestly it wasn’t as much fun to watch. But I am proud that I didn’t put money on that game.
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2021.09.26 01:44 queenclumsy Cooking pork ribs for the first time in my 15" lodge skillet. Any tips?

Thank you
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2021.09.26 01:44 bruno_sfc [WTS] Universal Genève automatic vintage dress watch Microtor cal. 69

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2021.09.26 01:44 Mxxnlxghtxwl On The Run - Nea

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2021.09.26 01:44 jrcske67 Metro/sound transit drivers: What can and should passengers do when someone is being uncivil?

First off, my heartfelt thanks to transit drivers for your service to the community and for your patient handling of a myriad of tricky situations.
An incident today got me thinking how regular passengers can help protect transit drivers and fellow passengers. An unruly mask-less passenger got on our Sound Transit bus, constantly shouting profanities. When the driver wouldn't close the doors (probably after having called for assistance), he approached the driver and probably tried to spit on the plexi-glass. I am hoping this would have been captured by the onboard camera.
We wanted to help out but didn't know how (sorry if this is a stupid question). How can passengers best help here? The things I could think of were calling law enforcement, recording on their phone, and trying to engage the passenger. Are there others?
Stay safe out there.
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2021.09.26 01:44 JustHumanGarbage happy new bike day to me!

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2021.09.26 01:44 EGODXVTH Windows only reading 24GB of my 32GB of RAM

To keep things short, I installed 32GB of RAM into my PC, 8GB x 4 slots
Whenever I go into CPU-Z it reads that there are 32GB of RAM but it only shows 24GB in windows
Is this normal? and is there a fix for this problem?
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2021.09.26 01:44 BulberFish Looking for some automotive wire strippers/crimpers

I'm doing a dual battery setup in my 4x4. Going to be stripping a bunch of 8 AWG cable and crimping battery lugs and Anderson connectors. Is there a tool anyone would recommend? I've been on the Knipex website and there's just so many options it's hard to know what to get.
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2021.09.26 01:44 Disastrous-Break-399 Girl sends me a photo of her "bed"

So there is a girl at work who I have not seen in a while due to lockdown.. while I was at work I got pretty much ALL the flirting signals.. like you could literally tick off all the " 25 signs she likes you". Well some time ago during a group huddle over Teams she mentioned she got a kitte/cat. Afterwards I messaged her and asked her if I could see her new cat.. to which she replied "Absolutely!" Expecting to probably not get a pic for a few days.. about 30 mins later or so I get a photo of her cat infront of her bed (standing on one those thingos you put infront of your bed lol sorry). Her bed was in full view.. towel on her bed.. tissue box and drink water next to it.. and including pretty much every part of her bedroom including the fake van goug etc on the wall.. she's a fan of that stuff (I had to "stalk" her insta to find out)
Possibly reading too much into this, but some days later I remembered she did not work from her bedroom like most of us.. she works in the dining room with her other housemates. She never posted that pic to the group work chat.. I think someone else later asked to see her cat in the chat and she posted a shot of her on the seat next to where she works and later some more pics.. again in her work area.
I have to admit it was "nice" seeing her bed/bedroom and not in a sleazy way. I like this girl a LOT... so its probably not seduction material but more lifepartner material or something!
Actually.. I sent the pic to a girl work friend whos married and she replied: "ok, be honest.. what all did you notice in this pic.." to which I replied "Everything except the cat!" Well I think that pretty much sums it up from my end!
But.. to all the girls (and guys) is this basically a neutral development?
I won't make this too long.. she doesn't initiate text that much (our work is similar to sales and she is VERY competitive) but when I ask her stuff she replies in like 4-5 line answers and actually more detail that I care to know.. also recently we had a zoom fun trivia thing announced and I asked her if she was gonna take part.. she replied.. "not sure on the fence" but then mentioned that since I was interested: "I will if you will lol" and then announced it in the group chat using my name and "we" to get more people to join... meh maybe nothing.. dunno..

Thanks anyway!
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2021.09.26 01:44 NoduLearns Is it wrong to say you’re not in any clubs when you are a member of a school’s Catholic center?

I wouldn’t consider the Catholic center of a school a club it’s more of a society if we are being technical about it I wouldn’t say I’m lying about that but when people ask that question of “are you in any clubs?” They refer to any organizations really, but I don’t want to reveal I’m Catholic to everyone who asks that small talk question, id like to get to know them better first so instead I say “no I’m not in any clubs” is that wrong or sinful?
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2021.09.26 01:44 ECBolt3 Should I transfer it it’s so ugly

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2021.09.26 01:44 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 01:44 Big-Lengthiness-7857 H: Legacies in desc W: Last shot single shot weapons with 15r or explosive pepper shakers

AaE25 Flamer
Q50c25 Fixer
Q50c25 Handmade
Q50c25 Railway
BerE Cryolator
TsE25 Flamer
TsE25 Cryolator
DE15r Cryolator
TsE25 Laser
BE25 Flamer
JE25 Flamer
AaE90 Flamer
D Plasma Flamer
EE90 Radium
DFfr15r Handmade
DE15r Handmade
D50c25 Handmade
D50c25 50 Cal
AaE15r Cryolator
VE Radium
TsE25 Radium
QE15r Harpoon
BE15r Harpoon
EE Cryo
EE Flamer
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2021.09.26 01:44 jhenexx are shower poufs really that unsanitary if you put them in the washing machine?

wouldnt that kill all the bacteria or no because of the shape of the pouf & how it’s all jumbled up. i’d imagine it would make it clean but idk ☹️
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2021.09.26 01:44 QuincyOwusuABuyADM Gus and Gawny | Premiership Cup

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2021.09.26 01:44 Ape3po "Red Paradise" w/ Boring Days and Glowing Nights. T3 Gek System.

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2021.09.26 01:44 Ripper656 Paula Leyes 😍

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2021.09.26 01:44 Free-Side69 Your Mom

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2021.09.26 01:44 MatijaReddit_CG Is this the first time that a r/TheLastAirbender sub had top trending post?

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