Does EI contact your new job/employer?

2021.09.26 02:04 rogers12345678 Does EI contact your new job/employer?

Does EI (Service Canada) contact your new job/employer once you get a new job and were on EI?
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2021.09.26 02:04 Margaquil_04 New shelf

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2021.09.26 02:04 EastSideLo How do you think people would have liked the game if they did this instead?

We know from either the beginning because of leaks or early on in the game that Abby killed Joel because he killed her father. How do you think the people that hated playing Abby’s part would have felt playing through and learning her story if we didn’t know until the end why she did it? Do you think people may have been more interested in her storyline and playing her half of the game if they still had to figure out why she did it? For me, the first time I played TLOU2 I didn’t like playing as Abby because I didn’t like her, I already knew why she killed Joel, which is understandable but at the same time I didn’t really care for her story. I wonder if I didn’t know why she did it until the end if it would’ve motivated me more and intrigued me more to play through her story.
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2021.09.26 02:04 DGP_K Where to find Eva Colon merch?

I recently found Yurie Sekiya’s collab with Evangelion and the Eva Colon merch line, but everything is sold out on the few sites I could find. Does anyone have an idea where I can find Eva Colon items?
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2021.09.26 02:04 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 02:04 Thedude12120 [23M] what do the ladies think of me?

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2021.09.26 02:04 zCalypso Uh guys.. I've duplicated

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2021.09.26 02:04 SomeSortofWeeb01 Its not your fault you're having a hard time finding people on Dating apps
SO I watched this video not too long ago after I finally quit dating apps (Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Kippo, HUD, OKCupid) And it turns out that MOST dating apps are controlled by a f**king algorithim, TLDR: If you pick someone with tattoos you'll just get recommended people with more tattoos basically
SO yeah, hoping I can find the right person, IN person
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2021.09.26 02:04 Nymphatuations A little jealous over someone I never dated

Soo I went out with this guy few months back on one date and fucked it up somehow. I think maybe he liked me but didn’t say anything since I messed it up and talked about someone else. I live to regret it but somehow trying to live with it and make peace with the fact I’m an idiot. Cause I liked him all along. Now I think he likes someone else and I feel hurt, it’s totally his right yknow. It’s just I feel a bit jealous and a bit insecure about myself and idk how to get over this feeling.
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2021.09.26 02:04 Carol_Cookie_Simp Will Riktor ever kill the demon responsible for his lack of balance?

View Poll
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2021.09.26 02:04 lil_cheezicle My hissing roach nymphs are starting to hiss and the male's horns are becoming more noticeable. Does this mean they are already adults or do they have another molt left? They are 5 months old. roach love

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2021.09.26 02:04 Blotofink This bag is SUPER adorable in person

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2021.09.26 02:04 someduncefromifunny LoL subreddit wouldn't let me post this. What are these things worth? I'm genuinely curious. I found them in a tech overhaul box that I got for free.

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2021.09.26 02:04 Ok_Employee_7790 Wario in his younger years, racing with his friends

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2021.09.26 02:04 CorrectJellyfish3836 Custom Image

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2021.09.26 02:04 jamzkourt Who is the 2nd best tv character of all time ( Frank Gallagher clear cut number 1 -shameless) ?

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2021.09.26 02:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - As COVID infections continue to decline, L.A. County approaches 26,000 deaths | LA Times

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2021.09.26 02:04 Zou_99 This week i had what it seems like a panic attack

Sorry if it's long Wednesday of this week I was super excited to go to the mall to buy new clothes so while i sat waiting for my brother to bring lunch I felt a shortness of breath no matter how breathing deeply I try it just got worse my heart pounded so hard and the only thought I had in my mind was I'm dying i need to get out of here or I will die my legs felt shaky and heavy my hands were trembling and my mouth was twitching/ I had one today I was in the car but it was more intense because I felt dizzy and like my mind was going to explode and what was harder for me was being unable to distract myself from thinking about my breathing when I tried to breath mindfully it just got worse and I had to tell my friend to stop the car or else I will die but the intense panic only last for 2 min max I had my blood pressure immediately tested after the attack and it was low Now I'm worrying more about what if it occurs next time while I am alone when there's no one I trust next to me classes are starting soon and I am worrying more about the fact that I need to take crowded public transports to go to uni
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2021.09.26 02:04 Illustrious-Ad3239 OUR MANAGER IS LOOKING FOR SCHOLAR

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2021.09.26 02:04 WashingtonRedz The fuck did milanese AI? Insulted me right after his recent daring conquests in Italy, so I was forced by game to break alliance, then without backup it got coalition and lost all his conquered land.

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2021.09.26 02:04 lupindeathray Dr. Dre, 1985

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2021.09.26 02:04 1determinator1 Would a recently repealed mcc ban affect your chances of getting a flight invite?

finaly got a random perma ban repealed a few days ago after waiting 2 months for a responce and i was wondering if that would effect flight eligibility because ive had my halo insider fully setup since the first mcc flights and i meet the minspec for infinite but still didnt get an invite (aparently everyone with a valid insider was suposed to get an invite this time).
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2021.09.26 02:04 cioxe [HIRE ME] Hire A Connoisseur in Academic Writing for Your Business, Economics, Finance, and Accounting Subjects. Connect Through Email:

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.26 02:04 TheEmomuffinman Best custom aero fabrication

So I'm getting into customizing Hot Wheels and have seen a few places talk about using PVA or polystyrene sheets for making wings, skirts, or splitters but have no idea what thickness or where to even find the stuff. Anyone have any experience or knowledge your don't mind sharing???
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